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Human Design – Understand You and Your Relationship

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What is Human Design?

I’ve been an avid student of tools & techniques to understand the self and improve awareness & energy. One of the most empowering I’ve discovered to date is Human Design.

People have always fascinated me especially the differences in them. Ie: Why are some energetic powerhouses and others need more frequent rest and downtime? Why can some talk incessantly for hours and others be mostly silent? Why do certain people crave company whereas others prefer solitude? When you meet someone for the first time, why do your hackles rise or you feel like you’ve known them forever?

On the personal basis, I sought an understanding of why I acted & reacted the way that I do. Especially my energy is certain situations, whether I feel energized or uplifted. Who are the people that I feel drawn to and energized when I interact with them versus those I would rather avoid.

My passion – and the focus of my coaching & energy work – is relationships. Especially my own. I obviously have a very vested interest in the most optimal interaction with my wife and my children.

Have you found yourself getting frustrated because someone is acting in a way that is contrary to your preference or what you’re directing them to do? Although it’s possible they’re just being belligerent, they could just be acting / reacting in accordance with their energetic profile.

Understanding & accepting the essence of yourself & others (especially those close) to you allows a phenomenal shift in your energetic state in each moment.

A Human Design reading is the key to this shift in awareness.

Human Design is a system that utilizes your date, time & place of birth to produce a profile chart containing a large amount of information depicting your modality, profile, inner authority and more.


It draws from Numerology, Chakra, iChing, Astrology and Kabbalah and produces a chart where 9 energy centers are depicted in a body outline. Each energy center has a series of numbers (gates) and lines connecting them (channels). When a center is colored it is defined and is fully activated. When it is not colored, it is undefined and is sensitive to conditioning from outside energies. When a channel is colored it is pertinent to your energy flow.

There are 2 columns of symbols that represent the various astrological elements at the birth time. The one at time of birth is black and represents conscious. There’s a column 90 days prior in red – the unconscious. These apply to the activation of the channels.

The major elements that represent your energy signature are Type, Authority and Profile. At the high level, an understanding of these in yourself & others give you priceless insights & understanding.

The system has 5 major energetic types: Manifesting Generator, Manifestor, Generator, Reflector and Projector. These are determined by the defined energy centers and their connections. Some types have a defined Sacral which is essentially an internal power plant. These types seem to have boundless energy whereas those with an undefined Sacral need to break and rest more frequently. Thus, there’s nothing wrong with those who don’t have the energy – it is managed in a different way. See how this awareness can shift how you feel about yourself?


Each Type has an associated Strategy such as Wait to Respond or Wait to be Invited. Again, a huge boost to how you show up as you’ll be acting in the mode that is most optimal for your energy.

Your Inner Authority is the guide to making wiser decisions. There are several authority types defined that are influenced by the energy centers and they guide you in your optimal method of making decisions.

There are 12 Profiles that represent your primary way of being and your orientation in life. It depicts how you interact with life and other people. For relationship charts, this is one of the major influences on compatibility.

A word about relationships

Your relationship with your partner is an area where a concise understanding of your respective energy profiles & modalities can vastly improve your togetherness & intimacy.

A Connection chart can be produced that is a composite of both of your personal charts and can produce some interesting results. You’ll see you both share the energy centers of the other. Your combination can actually activate other centers that neither one of you has individually.

In your individual profiles, you may each have one half of a certain channel. When your profiles are combined, the channel becomes completed and activated, which will have additional implications. It’s not about anyone completing you, rather that your energy complements each other for your collective good.


The beautiful thing about Human Design is that it shows you a picture of your true self and explains why you think, feel and act the way that you do. And that it is perfectly okay. It is simply who you were made to show up in this world as. And, when you do that, you’ll be amazed at how much smoother life seems to flow.


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*References to Human Design book by Chetan Parkyn



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