My Services

My Services

How I support your relationship journey

Human Design

A Human Design reading is a phenomenal method to understand your unique energy profile and how you best show up in the world.

Also for your partner and the dynamics of your relationship.

Energy Healing

The most important work in a relationship is your inner work. Often, you are being impeded by stuck or stagnant energy, holding on to old beliefs, stigmas and past events.

An energy healing session will determine where your energy is being impeded and the optimal modality to release the blocks.

Couples Coaching

Every relationship has some opportunities to improve understanding, dynamics and interactions. Couple coaching supports you in learning how to agree to disagree, communicate more openly & effectively, to maintain your relationship in the space you desire.


Our retreats are designed to support you in the necessary inner work and joint sessions to help you both remember what your relationship is about and reaffirm your commitment to the most fulfilling shared journey.

Individual Coaching

The most important person in your relationship is you.

In my experience Coaching is one of the best modalities to support you in getting from where you are to where you want to be in a way that is fulfilling for you.

Cord Cutting

Release any un-serving energetic connections between you and others.