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Achieving What You Read in Books

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For the love of books!

I confess that I am a devoted bibliophile and I love books. As a child, I would rather be curled up in a chair with my nose in a book than be running around outside.

When my journey opened up in the writing, speaking, coaching arenas, I was exposed to even more amazing books, and I avidly consumed as many of them as I could get my hands on. Although I have read a vast quantity of books, there’s a few on my shelf that I haven’t opened yet, and many more on my wishlist – actually, soon-to-be-purchased list.

I don’t care for the term ‘self-help’. I prefer ‘self-improvement’, which feels more empowering to me.

Several books have quite literally been life-changing for me. Many others were a good read albeit felt like something was missing, or they conflicted concepts from other books. It is, of course, good to have varying viewpoints. When you’re looking for guidance or clarity on something meaningful in your life, conflicting perspectives can hinder the quest.

Be aware of what’s missing

If you are a devoted reader and are searching for information to help heal you, transform you, assist you in manifestation or achievement, there’s something you may want to bear in mind: Some of the books you read will enlighten you with great concepts and describe shifts you may want to make yet they are missing a rather important perspective: HOW to do it. For example, a book may guide you in keeping your chakras open & aligned in order to maximize your energy flow. An accurate statement indeed. What if the book doesn’t detail how you do this? Do you know how to actually do this? Do you know how to ensure they step open & aligned?

It’s rather important to have some clarity also on which areas of your awareness, energy, mind, body, spirit, relationship, etc. is requiring attention or healing. As they say, the whole is the sum of the parts. Have you noticed how easy it is to get fixated on this one thing that will make everything better for you?

Making the magic happen

The actual solution to that which you seek could be unrelated to that which you think it is. There could be other factors in play that you’re not able to discern yourself. Ie: things that are in your subconscious, your energy bodies, your past life.

While awareness & knowledge are wonderful things, when it comes to your personal journey of healing & transformation, the services of a skilled practitioner will truly make a profound difference in attaining that which you desire.
The intuition, awareness, tools & processes of a skilled energy healer / coach can provide clarity on the areas of your life that do need some adjustments and they can effectively apply the healing and assist you in gaining clarity to the necessary adjustments to apply to implement the changes that are right for you.

As you continue reading and get lit up by some phenomenal concept and don’t understand how to apply it to your journey, schedule a Discovery Session with me to explore the world of energy healing & coaching.
To learn more about the services I provide, and schedule your session, please visit my Services page.


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