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Free Yourself with Cord Cutting

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Free Yourself with Cord Cutting

How you feel in any given moment is a reflection of the energy that you are holding within, or that you are being influenced by. Additionally, your energetic state represents your contribution to your relationship. Like a magnet, your energy will either attract or distance your partner. If your emanating energy is to the negative and your partner is staying close, chances are that their inner defenses are up to protect against the energy that doesn’t feel appealing.

You have probably experienced similar in your own life. Have you met someone for the first time and either felt like you already know them, or you had the urge to get away from them quickly? This is sensitivity to energy. In relationships, it’s more pronounced as you have a closeness and (hopefully) frequent encounters where the energy is positive and fulfilling for both of you. This same closeness amplifies your feelings when you’re picking up on a funky energy from your partner.

An awareness of energy dynamics in relationships is a huge asset as it allows you to be aware of, and manage, your own energy plus allow yourself to not be adversely influenced by the energetic state of your partner.
The only thing you truly have control over in your life and your relationships is yourself – and the energy that you are showing up with.

There are times when the energy that is in your field is not yours. It actually belongs to another party and is influencing you because energetic cords persist between them and you.
One of the tools that I utilize in my coaching & energy healing sessions is Cord Cutting. When I discern that there is an energetic connection that is toxic, negative and un-serving that is not yours, then a cord cutting session is recommended.

Cord Cutting is a visualization process where the party with the cords is identified. The context of the cords is determined. Ie: Are they from them to you, you to them or bi-directional. Also, the form of the cords and where they attached to their energy body and to yours. Once this is clearly visualized, the cutting process is orchestrated, which will effectively sever the cords and release them from your field.

Please note that cord-cutting only pertains to the negative & toxic energetic connections and will not harm any positive, loving connections. Thus, you can perform a cord cutting on someone you have affection for without detriment.

Once the cord cutting verified as completed, I then check to see if you’re holding any residual energy in your field. If you are, then a clearing is performed to free you from any stored energy absorbed from the energy cords.

The process is performed for one entity at a time. If it is determined you have energetic connections to other parties, then the process is repeated for each of them, until you no longer have any un-serving, toxic or negative energetic connections.

The benefit of this process is that it clears out any energies that are not yours, which frees you up to show up more as you in your relationship.

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