Rekindling Intimacy

Transform your relationship into the passionate, fulfilling journey you desire

Do you have the passion, romance, intimacy & fulfillment you desire?
Whether you’re looking for your ideal partner, are tired of attracting the
wrong people, or are in an unfulfilling relationship, a myriad of factors are affecting you – and they can all be resolved.

With energy clearing, chakra alignment, beliefs shifting, breathwork,
meditation, visualization, coaching and more, I resolve that which is blocking
you, open your energy, and shift your beliefs to manifest the relationship & intimacy that you desire.

Remember how wonderful it was when your relationship was fresh? You couldn’t wait to see each other and the passion & intimacy you shared was phenomenal. Just thinking about your partner excited you and you couldn’t wait to see them, hear their voice, or get them in your arms.

And now you find yourself wondering ‘What happened?’ Where did this wonderful energy, spontaneity and intimacy go? How did your wonderful, exciting relationship transform into today’s co-existence, with hardly any intimate connection at all?

Efforts to communicate on the issues are often unproductive due to being in different spaces and mindsets.Which can add to the feeling of separateness, further diminishing your intimate connection.

If you’re ready to start taking action, with or without your partner, you CAN change your relationship and live in the fulfillment, passion, and intimacy you desire.

The first step on this transformation is to schedule a 20-minute Discovery Session with me where you’ll experience my coaching process and you’ll know whether working with me is the right fit for you.

I’m excited to be a member at the Awaken Fair.

March 19 -10:00am-5:00pm

Westchester Marriott

670 White Plains Road

Tarrytown NY 10591

Tickets are $20 pre-purchase of $25 at the door.

My Services

How I support your relationship journey

Human Design

A Human Design reading is a phenomenal method to understand your unique energy profile and how you best show up in the world.

Also for your partner and the dynamics of your relationship.

Energy Healing

The most important work in a relationship is your inner work. Often, you are being impeded by stuck or stagnant energy, holding on to old beliefs, stigmas and past events.

An energy healing session will determine where your energy is being impeded and the optimal modality to release the blocks.

Couples Coaching

Every relationship has some opportunities to improve understanding, dynamics and interactions. Couple coaching supports you in learning how to agree to disagree, communicate more openly & effectively, to maintain your relationship in the space you desire.


Our retreats are designed to support you in the necessary inner work and joint sessions to help you both remember what your relationship is about and reaffirm your commitment to the most fulfilling shared journey.

Individual Coaching

The most important person in your relationship is you.

In my experience Coaching is one of the best modalities to support you in getting from where you are to where you want to be in a way that is fulfilling for you.

Cord Cutting

Release any un-serving energetic connections between you and others.


I’ve been fortunate to have multiple coaching and energy healing sessions with Mark over the past few years.
With his coaching and gentle guidance, I’ve been able to gain clarity on various areas of my life and make some important decisions related to work. I’ve had some powerful insights in our sessions, which helped me feel empowered, led me to take better care of myself and connect deeply to my inner guidance. He’s also helped me move on from a difficult past romantic relationship and heal my relationship with a family member.

Mark is a compassionate, intuitive and highly intelligent coach, as well as a powerful energy healer. He has a passion for his work and really cares for his clients. He always listens patiently, validates my feelings and creates a safe space for me to share all my concerns with ease . He always follows up and checks in after sessions. I am truly inspired by his own spiritual practice and all the wonderful manifestations he’s had in life. He truly walks his talk. I highly recommend his services; it can be life transforming!!!


Mark Semple has been a great asset to my own spiritual learning. He is a great listener with an intuitive ear, and has compassionate spirit. His awareness of how to connect with a partner, in a level which promotes progress, was something that he passed on to me as spiritual leader myself.
Mark leads a grounded spiritual life, and demonstrates the fruits of his every day life in his conversations and teachings.
My clients have had the honor of listening to Mark speak and have taken alot from his words and experiences.
What I love about Mark’s approach and teachings about relationships is that it promotes self reflection and self analysis , and the importance of sharing and not controlling the other person.
That learning has taken me far in my own personal life.


Mark is a truly intuitive and compassionate human who listens attentively, and free of judgment, to his clients. His heart-centered and unbiased approach was just what I so desperately needed at a time of tremendous awaking and healing in my life. While I have come to see the value in not living in the past but rather healing in the present, Mark worked with me to cut the cord on the less healthy aspects of a close, personal relationship. Since then, my energy toward, and interactions with, this person have been more positive and less emotionally charged.


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