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Change Your Energy, Change Your Relationship

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It’s all energy.

Essentially, everything in this universe is some form of energy and per the laws of physics, energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only transforms. Your energy is bsacially your vibe – the way you feel inside and the way that others feel when they’re close to you. Have you ever been near someone and, without a word being said, you knew there was something that you didn’t like about them? That is your energy reacting to theirs.

What does this have to do with your relationship?

At all times, you are in a certain energetic state and your partner is also. This can reflect the various emotions plus factors such as stress. Often, it’s a combination of several of them concurrently. When you and your partner come close, your vibes will connect with each other and, like magnets, will attract or repel.  The result of the combination of your two sets of energies is your relationship dynamic. Thus, it’s a given that, if one of your energy’s changes, the resulting combination must be different also.

Do you notice when you and your partner are in a great space, your shared time together feels much more fulfilling? And when either one is in not such a good space, time together doesn’t feel the way you would like it to.

Each of you is responsible for your energy and how you are showing up. Just as your body will react adversely if you feed it junk and don’t exercise for a while, your energetic state will deteriorate if you don’t feed it properly and take out the trash.

Managing your energy

There’s an IT expression: Garbage in, garbage out. Everything that you allow in your body, your mind or your space gets stored within you as some form of energy and will accumulate in you. This pertains to both the good energy and that which is toxic or un-serving.

When I connect with my clients to discern how I can best support them, I learn how they take care of themselves overall. What they eat, how they exercise, how they manage stress and so on. Often, some simple actions can assist in shifting the way you feel. For example, eat healthier foods, get enough quality rest & sleep, do the right exercise, get outside in nature, spend time with empowering people, do things that you love to do.

So how do you clear your energy?

The above positive habits will assist with improving your energy in the moment. Some of my clients have deeper issues that will require working with another person to identify, heal, resolve & clear the blocks. In my coaching & energy healing, I use a variety of techniques to determine where stagnant energy may be and if any un-serving energetic cords are in place. Once they are identified, they can be permanently resolved.


This is one of the most powerful tools for managing un-serving energetic connections. When you have interactions with people – especially in relationships, you establish invisible energy connections to them. Some are positive, some are negative. In a session with me, the negative, un-serving connections are identified and a visual cutting technique deployed to sever them. You can have negative energy cords with someone you love very much, and it must be understood the cutting will only remove the negative connections.

It’s truly amazing how freeing it is to relieve yourself of the negative energetic connections.

Energy healing

Fears, resentments, limiting beliefs, doubts can build up in your awareness and deplete your precious energy. They can also impose on your thinking and have you showing up in a negative way, which will have an obvious impact to your relationship dynamic.

Have you noticed how your day can go south when something relatively minor happens and in an instant memories of something unpleasant gets triggered in you and your energy gets trashed out? These impressions may have happened a long time ago, yet they’re just as fresh as the day they first happened.

I utilize a variety of energy healing tools & techniques to identify the root cause of the adverse energy and clear them from your field.


Coaching is an empowering process that will support you from getting from where you are to where you want to be, in a way that is fulfilling for you.

There are times when you might not have clarity on what you truly want. Or you know what you want albeit have no idea how to attain it. Also, you keep getting in your own way and short-circuiting your progress.

I have supported many clients in gaining clarity on what they want and why they want it, defining a tangible plan of action with accountability to ensure the progress is maintained. It’s truly empowering to have an accountability partner to walk alongside you as you make progress to create the fulfilling life you want, celebrating each win & accomplishment.

How this works

When you schedule an energy healing or coaching session with me, my process will determine what type of energetic blocks are present, followed by an effective clearing of them.

Once the un-serving energies are cleared & severed, you’ll be bringing your best energetic self to your life & relationship.

To learn more about the services I provide, and schedule your session, please visit my Services page.


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*References to Human Design book by Chetan Parkyn



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