Human Design

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that utilizes your date, time & place of birth to produce a profile chart that provides an accurate depiction of who you are and how you can best show up in life.

The profile chart contains a large amount of information depicting your Type, Profile, Authority and more.

The system draws from Numerology, Chakras, I Ching, Astrology and Kabbalah and produces a chart of the body’s energy centers and connecting channels.

This graphical depiction illustrates how your energy is managed & processed.

It also provides additional information to further define your unique energetic make up.

For you personally, this information is valuable to your life journey. The insights the system provides into the relationships in your life, especially with your significant other, is priceless. A concise understanding of your respective energy profiles & modalities can vastly improve your togetherness & intimacy.

A Connection chart can be produced that is a composite of both of your personal charts and can produce some interesting & valuable relationship insights.

I offer 3 reading options:

  • Individual – In depth review of a chart – yours or another’s.
  • Joint – In depth review of yours and your partner’s charts, plus a review of your Connection chart together.
  • Connection – Review of the Connection chart only and the aspects pertinent to your relationship.

To schedule your Human Design session, please choose either Individual, Joint or Connection and provide the requested information. You’ll receive a copy of your design (charts) with, which I’ll explore in detail on the Zoom call. (You’ll receive the link after booking.)

If you don’t see the confirmation email, please check your spam / junk folder.